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Home Hardware DIY Kits Raelynn + Wyett Collection
Home Hardware DIY Kits Raelynn + Wyett Collection

Raelynn + Wyett Collection

Miss Raelynn & Miss Wyett are making their debut as our first advocates for our campaign revolving around awareness and inclusivity! Our goal is to put a bow on ALL girls and open the opportunity for our company to give back in the best way we know how; with our hearts. $1.00 from every kit sold in this collection will be donated to the March of Dimes (from now until forever!).

Ashley was kind and generous enough to share her story with us, and the long road her and husband took to finally welcome their beautiful girls into this world. After eight long years and finally, successful IVF, then a high-risk and challenging pregnancy, Raelynn and Wyett made their debut at 27 weeks and 1 day. A 69-day stay in NICU and almost a year of overcoming challenges, these girls have now celebrated their first birthday and are beating all the odds. They have PDAs, ASDs, VSDs, RSV, and Chronic Lung Disease. Baby A has Hemangiomas, and Baby B coded, was intubated FIVE TIMES, and her lungs collapsed. She had chest tubes placed and was put on an Oscillator, spent 14 days on life support, and 24 days total in the PICU. They are on and off of oxygen at home and do breathing treatments every four hours, every day. Because they cannot sit unassisted, they both have severe Plagiocephaly and severe Brachycephaly. Hence, their beautiful and glamorous helmets!

With each family we welcome, we’ll present awareness to all different walks of life and are eager to give back to our community by way of fundraising, donations, and, of course, bows.