Meet the Team

Misti - Owner & CEO

Hi there! After I returned home from Iraq in 2009, I decided to try my hand at being a SAHM. My little family grew quickly as I welcomed 3 beautiful babies into the world over the next 4 years. Welch's Workshop Craft Supply was founded in 2012 at a small desk in the corner of my children's playroom. It wasn't long before we were rearranging the house, and I took over the formal dining room for my daily operations (who am I kidding, more like middle-of-the-night operations!).

Just a few months in I realized I needed even more room! I hired a group of guys to finish our basement and filled it wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling with supplies. I brought in two family members to help and business took off. It wasn't long before more family was pitching in their time and more girls were joining our team.

It was best for my family to re-locate in 2014, and we bought a larger house with my business in mind. A week after we moved in, our 1300 square foot basement was finished and renovated to accommodate the business and 5 gals were hired full-time. We all settled into our daily routine, and I was happy knowing we were set for quite a while. Boy, was I wrong! We didn't make it 3 months before we realized we were already out-growing the space. We made it work for as long as we could, then in March of 2015 we found the space I had dreamed of.

Welch's Workshop is now located in an awesome 8,000 square foot warehouse in Lebanon, PA. The floors are lined with endless rows of bins and shelves of thousands and thousands of craft supplies. I've managed to surround myself with the most wonderful team, and its because of them that we're able to provide quality products and service to our incredible customers.

In 2017, I married my sweetheart and the man of my dreams. We now share a beautiful home with our five children and two handsome pups. When I'm not behind a computer, I enjoy outside time with my family, reading Stephen King novels, and riding my Harley. I am also still actively serving in the Army. If you or a loved one has served this great country of ours, I thank you.

Thank you so much for stopping by,

-Misti, Founder & Owner of Welch's Workshop

Gennifer - General Manager

Michelle - Fulfillment Supervisor

Guinivere - Intake Lead

Timothy - Intake Specialist

Sherry - Intake Specialist

Sherri - Intake Specialist

Tylor - Design Lead

Mandy - Design Specialist

Michaela - Nanny

Charlie - Shop Pup